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IHS Diagnosis ICD-10
13.3 Nervus intermedius neuralgia [G51.80] G44.847  


A rare disorder characterised by brief paroxysms of pain felt deeply in the auditory canal.

Diagnostic criteria:

  1. Pain paroxysms of intermittent occurrence, lasting for seconds or minutes, in the depth of the ear
  2. Presence of a trigger area in the posterior wall of the auditory canal
  3. Not attributed to another disorder1


  1. Other causes, in particular a structural lesion, have been ruled out by history, physical examination and special investigations.


Disorders of lacrimation, salivation and/or taste sometimes accompany the pain. There is a common association with herpes zoster. In view of the sparse innervation of the affected area by the nervus intermedius some patients may have an otalgic variant of glossopharyngeal neuralgia.